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Recovering From Religion

Learning how to live after questions, doubts, and changing beliefs is a journey. We at Recovering from Religion are intimately familiar with this path, and we are here to help you to cross that bridge. Our passion is connecting others with support, resources, community, and most of all, hope.

Visit their website to learn more

Secular Counselling

The purpose of the Secular Therapy Project is to help connect non-religious or secular persons who need mental health services with outstanding mental health professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and others.

The Secular Project website

Secular Addiction Services

If addictive behaviours or substances are a challenge for you, the SMART Recovery offers secular, evidence based peer support to work through your issues.

SMART Recovery Alberta

For Clergy Leaving
the Faith

If you no longer have faith, or know clergy who are struggling, visit or support:

The Clergy Project

Seeking Asylum

RMA is unable to provide rescue or asylum to anyone at this time. Please contact one of these organizations who can help you better than we can.

Center for Inquiry (USA)

Atheist Alliance International

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