Community Service

If you can support our work fighting for keeping religion out of public life, for supporting people hurt and marginalized by religion and faith based beliefs, please support us. One time, monthly, or yearly, it is greatly appreciated.

Life Without Religion (LWR)

“A safe place to be together”

Life Without Religion (LWR) is an anonymous  peer support group for people who have had (or continue to have) difficulties due to religion. LWR meets on the first Thursday and third Tuesday each month. If you are interested in participating in Life Without Religion, please contact the co-ordinator directly at

Adopt a Highway

We have adopted a portion of Highway 2 on the northern edge of Calgary. We have an annual clean up day in the summer to pick up trash and keep the road looking as beautiful as it can be!

SAVE THE DATE! We are planning our cleanup for Aug/Sept 2024.

Pathway Cleanup

Every summer we work with the City of Calgary to clean up part of the parks and pathways in the city. Watch for more details closer to the time. Its fun and helps everyone in the city to enjoy our beautiful city!

Refugee Committee

RMA is in the process of sponsoring a UN Refugee to come to Canada. Our refugee is awaiting final approval to come. ‘Omer’ has suffered persecution and torture for questioning the religion he was raised in. He is in a safe third country while he waits. 

Stay tuned for more information.

Blood Donor Clinic

RMA believes in helping our community and donating blood is one way to help. We meet at Eau Claire and there is an option to share lunch afterwards. Clinics are occasional, please watch Meetup for the latest information.

Go to Meetup to save a spot!


We try to make a difference by calling out for religious interference in secular subjects.

Please support our work with a donation if you are able.

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